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Following a Daughter’s Dream

Yvonne Tang was excited when her 11-year-old daughter had the opportunity to attend an international study program in the U.S. But she had no idea what a life-changing event the trip would become for the entire Tang family. “My daughter was passionate about staying in the United State to pursue her studies and immerse herself in American culture,” says Yvonne. “So, my husband and I decided to support her dream and move here through the EB-5 investment program.”

After the Tangs made the decision to immigrate, they explored a variety of different options. “Of all the EB-5 investment opportunities out there, the Golden Gate Global San Francisco Shipyard fund was a stand out. It was one of the few funds that already had I-924 approval, so it offered lower risk and more security. It was an excellent choice for us.”

Teaching by example

Once the family was settled in San Diego, Yvonne enrolled in college to focus on real estate and study English. After completing eight courses, she took the California Real Estate exam, and became a licensed agent in 2017. Her hard work paid off: she achieved $20 million in sales in 2018, received a Circle of Excellence award and earned a Silver award for Agent Excellence.

“I’m proud of my career, but I’m most interested in setting an example for my daughter,” notes Yvonne. “I think showing is much more powerful than telling, so I want my success to be an example for my daughter that it’s possible to achieve your goals - whatever they may be by staying focused and working hard.”

I’m thrilled to see how my daughter is flourishing here. She’s a straight-A student, studies violin and has become an avid chess player. It’s so rewarding to see her progress and hear her say, ‘Mom, if you can succeed here, so can I.’”

Navigating the immigration process

In 2013 when Yvonne applied for the EB-5 program, government regulations were simpler. But even now, she believes it’s worth the extra effort. “Once you have a temporary green card, I recommend staying put instead of flying back and forth. By focusing on your new life here, you have more opportunities to become involved and experience life like a U.S. citizen.”

 Embracing a new life abroad

The Tang family is thriving in their new environment, and Yvonne is already working toward her next goal: becoming a licensed real estate broker and having her own brokerage company. “I’m very interested in getting more involved in real estate development - buying land and developing new properties around the San Diego area.”

“We are so glad to have discovered Golden Gate Global and the Shipyard investment opportunity. It has opened the door to a world of new opportunities for my daughter, for me and for our entire family.”

Fun Fact: Nothing beats home cooking!
When asked what food from Shenzhen she misses most, Yvonne replied “I miss the Ba Bao Rice (sweet sticky rice) and Xiao Mi Congee (rice porridge) that my mom makes. I don’t get to taste my mom’s cooking, so I miss that a lot!
What food does she enjoy most in San Diego? Pasta primavera.

We would like to thank Yvonne for her participation in our first Investor Spotlight article, and if you have any questions on real estate in the San Diego area, she welcomes your call.

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